Bikxie Pink is an app-based two-wheeler taxi and on demand service for women by women. Its efficient, affordable, snappy & tech based and above all its safe for women. Available in many cities in India now, it’s a social initiative striving to create meaningful employment opportunities for un/semi- skilled women in India by providing them ample training and empowering them to take up their rightful place in our society. The objective is multi-pronged:

  • To bolster workforce participation rate of women in India, which is quite low currently
  • To uplift the social status of women in India coming from marginalized sections of the society by ensuring financial inclusion
  • To boost the confidence of women by empowering them with skills & a job for them to nurture a better generation.
  • To provide a safe mode of transport and on demand service for women and elderly
  • To decongest Indian roads.

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